Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ooh Aah India.. Aa Yaa India...

Was watching the pre-match coverage on Max.
There was this (second) good looking babe (Mandira Bedi is the first) Shonali trying to give some updates from the stadium - and here is the what I heard
"There is an old lady standing outside the stadium and she has a lot of tickets in her waistpack or something.. She is selling Rs.150 tickets for 300, 300 tickets for 650 and so on.. The lady took a loan to buy these tickets. Moreover, now, there are money lenders and blah coming into the equation."
Talk about entrepreneurial spirit!


Sarin said...

shonali in the green dress and having a terrified look on her face as she kept expecting the crowd to over run her while holding the mike? :-)

Amit said...

The same one!
Its amazing how someone born in India can get scared of a crowd ;)

Amit said...

Had to post this link. Its the Dada ki baat nahi manoge ad! :D