Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sitemeters and my blog

Yesterday, I discovered a lot about sitemeters. While the regular blogger, I am sure, knows a lot about them, for me it was a new thing to understand where all my page visits have been from, and for what.

The most interesting things –

I realized that I had a very recent visitor from Australia!

I also realized that a lot of the visitors had come to the site looking for a review of Bhagam Bhaag! That, I think, was the most blatant lie I had written on my blog to have a bit of fun. A big sorry to Anupam and a whole lot of other people who might have watched the move based on my review.  Bhagam Bhaag, let me correct, is one of the worst movies I had seen around that time! ;)

A lot of the visits to my blog had originated from my orkut profile and some of the floating emails that might have had my blog address in my email signature.

One thing however, that the blogs cant help with is the US IP addresses that I lot of PCs in Indian IT companies have. Probably because they are on a VPN and stuff!  I don't understand that side.

And yeah, there is a place called Alipur in Delhi, India.

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