Saturday, November 19, 2005

Just thought that I would keep throwing my view on the game.. while the game is on!
5.4 overs down. SA 18-2. Have you ever felt the power of someone else's desire sweeping you over. When Pathan got Smith trapped leg before the wicket, I am sure his war cary of "COME ON!!!!" woud have lifted the fighting spirit of the entire team. The raw power behind his cry would have given everyone the confidence that is needed to rip an entire body apart with bare claws. That's power! that's desire! and that's the hunger to win!!

Kallis is still in good touch. Bad news so far. its only 6.2 overs down, but the fist few touches have been interesting. And that takes care of Kallis!!! Edged to the keeper. Flashing his bat hard at a ball going quite far outside the off stump. Pathan Strikes again. and A MIGHTY BIG WICKET THIS!!!
Kemp was not dressed! Lets see whos gonna walk in next!!

Second match of the series. India are already 1-0 down in the series. SA won the previous match quite comfortably in the end. Despite the glitches here and tehre, and a competitive fight by India, the end is what matters, and a five wicket victory always seems like a comfortable victory to have!
The match is being played at Chinnaswamy, Bangalore. Date - November 19, 2005, Saturday.
Back to Part three of my post-Its Mr. PRINCE on the wicket now.Showed a few good touches in the last match. It was the partnership between Prince and Kallis that kinda nailed the game down for India. I watched precious little during that match but whatever I saw of him, was quite impressive indeed!
Seven overs. 20-3. Indian team is charged up. SA against the wall. Bhajji is brooding about his strategy next! Pathan is in rocking touch. And rocking- the SA boat is!!!
NExt few posts are gonna be without the title!
That was a cracking shot between point and the covers. Hall is flashing his bat. So far, so good!
Eight overs. 24-3
beginning of ninth. Pathan. Another four. Straight drive from Prince. SA is 28-3
Its a torture being a supporter and a commentator both. There are these moments when your side is being thulped.. there will be those few overs in every innings. These are moments when I become unsure of whether I should be praising the brilliant batting display or ruing my own team's fate! :)
Back to the game, Andrew Hall glances one really fine down the leg side. Keeper Dhoni couldn't do anything there, and thats another boundary in the over. 33 is the score now.
Andrew Hall is considered to be one of the untapped talents of SA team. Someone who has a lot of potential, but hasn't done any justice to himself with an average of 22.75. The good news is - SA has persisted with him!

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