Saturday, November 19, 2005

Just thought that I would keep throwing my view on the game.. while the game is on!
5.4 overs down. SA 18-2. Have you ever felt the power of someone else's desire sweeping you over. When Pathan got Smith trapped leg before the wicket, I am sure his war cary of "COME ON!!!!" woud have lifted the fighting spirit of the entire team. The raw power behind his cry would have given everyone the confidence that is needed to rip an entire body apart with bare claws. That's power! that's desire! and that's the hunger to win!!

Kallis is still in good touch. Bad news so far. its only 6.2 overs down, but the fist few touches have been interesting. And that takes care of Kallis!!! Edged to the keeper. Flashing his bat hard at a ball going quite far outside the off stump. Pathan Strikes again. and A MIGHTY BIG WICKET THIS!!!
Kemp was not dressed! Lets see whos gonna walk in next!!

Second match of the series. India are already 1-0 down in the series. SA won the previous match quite comfortably in the end. Despite the glitches here and tehre, and a competitive fight by India, the end is what matters, and a five wicket victory always seems like a comfortable victory to have!
The match is being played at Chinnaswamy, Bangalore. Date - November 19, 2005, Saturday.
Back to Part three of my post-Its Mr. PRINCE on the wicket now.Showed a few good touches in the last match. It was the partnership between Prince and Kallis that kinda nailed the game down for India. I watched precious little during that match but whatever I saw of him, was quite impressive indeed!
Seven overs. 20-3. Indian team is charged up. SA against the wall. Bhajji is brooding about his strategy next! Pathan is in rocking touch. And rocking- the SA boat is!!!
NExt few posts are gonna be without the title!
That was a cracking shot between point and the covers. Hall is flashing his bat. So far, so good!
Eight overs. 24-3
beginning of ninth. Pathan. Another four. Straight drive from Prince. SA is 28-3
Its a torture being a supporter and a commentator both. There are these moments when your side is being thulped.. there will be those few overs in every innings. These are moments when I become unsure of whether I should be praising the brilliant batting display or ruing my own team's fate! :)
Back to the game, Andrew Hall glances one really fine down the leg side. Keeper Dhoni couldn't do anything there, and thats another boundary in the over. 33 is the score now.
Andrew Hall is considered to be one of the untapped talents of SA team. Someone who has a lot of potential, but hasn't done any justice to himself with an average of 22.75. The good news is - SA has persisted with him!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Only Human

Another one of my incomplete musings....


The world of prejudice seldom draws its inspiration from the skies above. The skies that are the same everywhere. HTe skies that are so different! Like the human heart. Pumping blood- all the same. Pumping emotions- Oh! So different!!

Tomorrow may not be the definition of uncertainty that could have saved immorality a thousand blushes. Today saves the face. People who look at tomorrow and its uncertainties have prejudices against immorality. People living in today- love them. Because- the uncertainties of today help them experiment with the possibilities of tomorrow.

Lets live the prejudice with a self-debasing immorality.

Time is running, the motion is fast,
Keep on dancing, the music wont last....

Time to go home....

Its time to go home
We’ve hung about just long enough
We’ve cared a bit too much
We’ve always known it’s a shadowless road
Guess its just the time to go home..

Holding hands may kill the past
A bit longer.. the future…
‘fore every word becomes a lump in the throat
Its time to go back home…

Lets go back to where we both belong
Caring but just not enough
Counting on, but never believing
The guidance of lady luck
Before the sun sets on us both
Its time to go back home

Lets call it quits while the sun still shines
The rights and wrongs go beyond our sight
Lets not regret what we’ve enjoyed the most
Its time to go back home…

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Its a little late in the night, as I sit down to right this. And the first thought that comes to my mind- WHY?

Its a funny question! This friend of mine, (I will call all my friends pappu here, for anonymity's sake), proposed this very beautiful girl. "I love you", he gushed! "Why?", was her response. Kids often say- I want to be a Kurt Cobain, or a Sachin Tendulkar. The moment they grow up, their parents ask- Why? Why can't you have a more normal choice of career? Kids retort- Why do you have such a narrow view of a career?

The best answer to a Why is a Why! you may ask Why? Even I dont know why!! but what I have seen over the years is that a Why is never satisfactorily answered using a because, what, where, how!! the series of Why is an infinite sequence unless another Why clause is added to end the loop!

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind
the answer is blowing in the wind.....

Another example of why neutralizing why is this famous incident- Roughly 40 years ago Robert F. Kennedy eloquently argued for idealism in a time of great conflict. He said, “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not." Speechless! right?(you may want to ask yourself- Why?)

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

my tongue gets tied.
And that's no Lie..

Irrelevant! the remaining part of the song in the context of this post.

But this is how it is! I get down to write when I am bored, or when I have a lot of time. Wondering, whether thats the best time to write, and giving in to the temptation, 'coz therez so much to write.

the difference between then and now, probably, is that somoene else is also reading it.

A writer's block
Someone told me that Shaukat (Sanjay Dutt) in the movie Shabd (Word), has a writer's block. And he is not able to figure out his next story. And he plays a game which involves his wife! I wonder, if it's that easy to overcome a writer's block. But then, I am assuming that I am a writer. Many would disagree. But then, I am not here to live up to people's agreement! Am I?

The long and short of it- I get into a block, everytime I write ;) but writing an introduction is easy!

The Story of my life
I grew up as a small town boy, moving from one city to another, finding, or defining his identity. Born in a small town in Darbhanga, Bihar (India), I spent my early years in Raebareilly (1980-1986, 'then' constituency of Smt. Indira Gandhi) and Bhopal (1986-87, capital of Madhya Pradesh). Completed most of my schooling in Ranchi (now Jharkhand, then Bihar), before moving to Delhi to finish off my undergraduate studies in Economics. My college was one of the most rowdy colleges, and my second week in college explained why it was so! For those who know Delhi, I saw more than 25 buses standing back to back, from Dhaula Kuan to Nanakpura Gurudwara, with not a single window pane intact.
Not long before I could get over the smirk on people's faces when they realized that I was from ARSD (Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma) College, better known as SD, I joined IIM Bangalore (which was the other extreme of image and sophistication).
Two years at IIMB taught me more than a lot of places put together. And not just in academic terms.

Started off my career with TCS, large, beauraucratic and slow. Not my kinds. Quit after 16 months of rationalization to myself and joined Inductis. Small, moving and exciting.

Will write more later. Am running out of time now